imageThis article from the Mankato Times is so refreshing. It gives an honest, unbiased report of Mr Haney speaking in Mankato. He is an expert on security. It is so rare to read  common sense and logical writing.

It would be great to have a local press to report on events like this. But we are not so fortunate.

He tells about how he went from being the investigator to being investigated in the Department of Homeland Security, even though he was a founding member. Get the inside story in his book, “See Something, Say Nothing.”

Mr. Haney is not the traitor here. Our enemies have become our “protectors.” Do I dare say CAIR? Do I dare say ISNA, MSA or countless others?

Just take note:  1. foreign nationals now have more rights than most do 2. offending a Muslim is now a cause for lawsuit or worse 3. telling the truth about Islam (from their own sources) is illegal. And it only goes downhill from here, folks.