Only a mere three days after the stabbing of ten innocent random shoppers at the St Cloud Crossroads shopping mall, the St Cloud Times decides it’s a good time to present this article with video to its loyal readers.

Words escape me. The reasoning is incomprehensible. Or am I missing something?

The constant (and I mean constant, unfailing, reliable) narrative, they peddle like a carnival huckster, is this:  Somalis are GOOD, refugees are GOOD, diversity and multiculturalism is GOOD, and if you DARE have a different opinion or THOUGHT, you must be punished, humiliated, called out and that just for starters.

The insensibility to print and post this dramatic whiny, petulant, piece of propaganda really, really insults every part of me. Not just my intelligence, but EVERY part of me.

The short few sentences given to the actual stabbing victims are forgotten in warp speed. Was there even an incident? It seems like there might have been one? My heart aches for them and our grandchildren.

–Margaret Starry