National Popular Vote: Emmer is easily paid off when in need of money.
Emmer has worked as a NPV lobbyist yet verbally supports Trump. CD6 must stop looking the other way when Emmer wants to have it both ways. Emmer should denounce the NPV movement, largely funded by communist globalist George Soros, or admit his continued support which means he supports Hillary Clinton as the next president… not Donald Trump.
NPV undermines our Constitutional Republic, weakens federalism by eliminating the role of sovereign states in presidential elections by circumventing the constitution, nullifying the electoral college. NPV silences the voice of grassroots and states with low populations. Under NPV, presidential candidates will only need to focus on large populated areas, such as, California and New York, where we know voter fraud is a reality. Emmer nonsensically argues the opposite. But, the United States is not a Democracy…. Majority rule, mob rule.
Education: Emmer voted in favor of Obama’s Unconstitutional Education bill Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
ESSA reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESAA) and replaces No Child Left Behind. It continues Common Core and Data Mining. (Regardless of voting against Common Core in another bill… this bill cements Common Core into our educational system) The federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved with education; nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is education listed as one of the government’s enumerated powers. Parents and local school districts should make decisions concerning their children’s education not centralized bureaucrats.
National Security: Refugees from war torn terrorist hotbed countries cannot be properly vetted… THERE IS NO DATABASE!
Accommodating Obama’s infiltration of those who want to overthrow America’s government is treason. Texas Congressman Babin invited all 247 Republican representatives to sign a letter, dated Sept 15, 2016, proposing to cut funding for refugees coming from countries with active jihadist activity. Only 36 congressmen signed the letter, none were from MN.
Emmer has not signed and co-sponsored the following bills:
H.R. 3314 – Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, suspending resettlement programs while the Government Accounting Office conducts an audit on associated costs.
Costs, diseases including active TB, safety risks, increasing democrat voters, etc… CD6 needs a pause in resettlement. A pause in a deliberate transformation of historically conservative communities.
H.R. 3892 – Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act 2015-16, mandates that the U.S. State Department make a determination of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. This bill would affect Muslim organizations, such as CAIR, feigning to be human rights organization.
Tom will bring up his support of the SAFE ACT… It’s weak and doesn’t protect Americans. The intelligence community have testified that there are no databases to vet refugees from terrorist countries.
Response to the ‘guilt’ card: The Center for Immigration Studies reports that for the money spent to resettle one refugee in America, we could help 12 refugees abroad.
H.R.82 – Criminal Alien Deportation Enforcement Act of 2017
Once again, Congressman Babin is doing his job. He reintroduced H.R.82, a bill that will withhold foreign aid and travel visas from any country that refuses to take back their citizens who have been criminally detained and ordered to be deported from the U.S.
Babin stated, “There is absolutely no reason that criminal aliens should be released back onto America’s streets, yet that is exactly what is happening by the thousands each and every year because their countries of origin refuse to take them back.” Emmer hasn’t co-sponsored this bill either.
DHS Funding Bill as Amended by the Senate: H.R.240 did nothing to prevent President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty, yet, Emmer voted in favor.
This bill expanded presidential powers. The Congress should have retained it’s constitutional authority through exercising ‘power of the purse’ and deny funding. Passing a DHS spending bill that takes concrete steps to stop the Obama administration’s dangerous and unlawful amnesty would have retain Congress’ authority. No lawmaker should prioritize granting legal status, work permits and Social Security numbers to those who are in the country illegally above protecting America and its citizens. 167 Republicans voted against the Senate’s version of the bill. But because the bill was supported by every Democrat, only 30 or so Republicans had to support it to ensure it’s passage, and 75 GOP members voted for it. Emmer was one of those 75. Emmer will claim he supported the bill because bottom line… DHS had to be funded.
Corruption – Failing the Duties of Congressional Oversight: Emmer did not support proceeding with impeachment hearings of IRS Commissioner Koskinen.
Koskinen was involved in covering up and hampering Congress’ investigation into the IRS targeting of conservative organizations and tea party groups. This resulted in just one conservative non-profit being granted tax-exempt status over a three-year period between 2009 and 2012 (think this helped Obama?).Koskinen repeatedly lied to Congress (President Clinton was impeached by the Senate for lying to Congress), refused to cooperate, destroyed evidence including Lois Lerner’s emails, and even failed to attend hearings into his malfeasance. So much for congressional oversight!
Unconstitutional Global Wealth Redistribution: Emmer voted in favor of H.R.1567 – Global Food Security Strategy. (A bold step towards the feds controlling our food supply and distribution?)
This bill requires the president to coordinate development and implementation of a global food security strategy, authorizes approx. $1 billion for fiscal 2017 to implement portions of the strategy that relate to the State Dept and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The U.S. Constitution does not authorize the federal government to feed the American people, let alone citizens of other countries. Furthermore, offering ‘aid’ to impoverished countries is often a means to prop up dictators and line corrupt pockets. Such corrupt rulers have little regard for the welfare of their people, so the ‘aid’ rarely finds it way to the people who need it.
Unconstitutional – Further Federalizing America’s Police Force: Emmer voted in favor of H.R.5471 – Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act.
The bill authorizes the Dept of Homeland Security to train state and local law enforcement in methods countering violent extremism and terrorism. Training would take place at ‘fusion centers’ that have been established across the nation by the Homeland Security Dept and U.S. Dept of Justice. Sounds good right? The problem… federal training to state and local law-enforcement programs is not only unconstitutional, but (under the guise of fighting terrorism) further federalizes the police system. If the federal government was really concerned about terrorism wouldn’t it be smart to stop immigration of those from terrorist countries, like Somalia and Syria, rather than importing them as quickly as they are? A Constitutional Republic does not support a federalized police force.