What we never hear about regarding the Refugee Resettlement Program is that the VOLAGS, also known as Voluntary Agencies, are required by Federal Law to sign an agreement that prohibits them from proselytizing. These religious-sounding-name groups, Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, Hebrew Immigration Services, etc. are NOT following the call of their ministries which would be evangelism. They want to procure the “religious” donations while also being allowed to collect millions of Federal dollars. And so they do, with the help of corrupt legislators and United Nations globalists who have less-than-righteous motives and overburdening the longtime American citizens and their communities. Big business and Chamber of Commerce, working with nongovernmental organizations, have a stake in guaranteed cheap labor, voters and housing while protecting their secretive kingdom. What the public knows is irrelevant. They’ve lost their voice long ago. 3E6BEB7E-D1D9-4EA9-B647-606A71173665